Etching and drypoint

| 18 April, 2015 13:19








I've been taking a class in printmaking at the Art Students League of New York where Bill Behnken is teaching. I thought I would do some etchings but instead I've gravitated toward drypoint where the image is created directly by scratching onto the plate without using acid to achieve the groove that holds the ink. The softer shaded lines in these images were created with a roulette, which, sadly, has nothing to do with gambling or winning money. Like drypoint, the roulette, which is a small rotary kind of tool, makes its marks directly into the plate, punching tiny dots and leaving a shaded track almost like pencil shading where the wheel has been dragged. These are just experimental images but I'm happy with some of them, particularly the drawing in the top one.


Two of the three here were printed with sepia colored ink. All are printed on a warm Hahnemühle paper, not unlike the photography paper my brother likes to print his photos on.